Exhibiting Absence and Loss: Objects, Narratives and Trauma on Display

Joanne Rosenthal

Online via Parque de la Memoria (click for link)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wednesday, August 26, 2020, 18:00

UK curator Joanne Rosenthal led the workshop “Exhibiendo la ausencia y la pérdida: Objetos, narrativas y trauma” ["Exhibiting Absence and Loss: Objects, Narratives and Trauma on Display”] at the Memory Park’s PayS exhibition room in Buenos Aires in November 2019. Please join us for the launch of the documentary of this talk on Wednesday 26 August (10pm, UK time). The workshop considered the question of how to display or represent objects and narratives which relate to trauma and loss, particularly in relation to issues of identity, family, sexuality, and kinship. While drawing upon a wide spectrum of international case studies, Rosenthal introduces how museums, curators, and artists have made creative use of the limitations and opportunities involved in exhibiting absence and loss in expanded landscapes.



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